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  1. R3Di

    vrei sa ma daruiesti?
  2. R3Di

    My cs is ok. Thnx you for you opinion
  3. R3Di

    I donte see you in server i play 1 years in server.
  4. R3Di

    My problem is that whenever a new admin comes into the game, it will scan me. It is not normal to be scanned 30 times and in the end I am clean, and then this just goes on. I use cs 1.6 gt. For a while around cs.1.6 clear. dea i'm sure there must be a problem with amx_ss i wish it was clarified a good time
  5. R3Di

    If I had a wall, why wouldn't the player I'm shooting look like?
  6. R3Di

    1. NickName: R3DI 2. IP: 3. SteamID: 4. Data & Ora: 21/11/2019 .. ora maybe 13:10 5. NickName-ul Admin-ului: Deea 6. Motiv: poze 7. Dovada obligatorie(Poza consola ) :Ban Information Name: R3DI IP: Reason: no.ss Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: Deea. Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86 https://imgur.com/a/cgk5FqN I don't know what the problem is. Either the problem with my cs, or dea mistakenly took me 2 photos
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