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  1. aNduu

    Nick: CHIZda IP: SteamID:- Motiv:speed Dovada:
  2. aNduu

    Nick:the snippets Ip:103:85.97.86 Steamid:STEAM_1:0:1663295835 Motiv:aim Dovada:https://ufile.io/pbef4no8 Nick:a!R Ip: Steamid:STEAM_1:0:697544510 Motiv:speed Dovada: Nick:plsmd Ip: Steamid:STEAM_1:0:697544510 Motiv:speed Dovada:https://ufile.io/rxw58fuq
  3. aNduu

    Contra Unban !
  4. aNduu

    Pro Unban ! data viitoare sa nu mai ma iei la misto !
  5. aNduu

    Contra Unban !
  6. Nick :aNduSaN Grad : moderator Motiv : nu am acces la pc Perioada : o5/11 20/11
  7. aNduu

    KeO. STEAM_1:0:1680207665 no.ss Robert1 STEAM_1:0:1525970333 aim/wall ThUg LiFe STEAM_1:0:185356513 no.ss feghean STEAM_1:0:453258623 no.ss C.20.06lau STEAM_1:0:1522957380 no.ss Vasile STEAM_1:0:1687556181 aim ArdiOldSchool# STEAM_1:0:1521646925 aim eps0n * GIGABYTE /G/`c STEAM_1:0:87355609 zwall 4_DeViLLa STEAM_1:0:495178924 no.ss joc_pe_sageti STEAM_1:0:116341638 no.ss qQF STEAM_1:0:112070324 no.ss Lovesc TARE! - - STEAM_1:0:1949430516 - Romania - 13510xx
  8. aNduu

    Nick:lovesc tare IP: SteamId:STEAM_1:0:1949430516 Motiv:no.ss Dovada: Nick:Kreiling IP: SteamId:STEAM_1:0:488431354 Motiv:aim Dovada:https://ufile.io/o9zf11gn Nick:Florinel IP: SteamId:- Motiv:wall Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/a1kEaj7 Nick:HaranitaPericolPublic# IP: SteamId:STEAM_1:0:1261141018 Motiv:no.ss Dovada:
  9. aNduu

  10. Nick :aNdu Grad :Moderator Motiv :Nu consider ca am activitate si nu vreau sa tin slot aiurea
  11. aNduu

    https://servere-cs.freakz.ro/cs_server- 143
  12. aNduu

    Contra Unban ! nu are poza verde!!
  13. aNduu

  14. aNduu

    Nick:NORD-PLAYER [2] IP: SteamID:STEAM_1:0:1920983397 Motiv:wall Dovada:https://ufile.io/b7hyiaaz
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