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  1. Nume:Protorype IP: Motiv:no.wg Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53326690 Dovada:-
  2. de la mine ai un PRO! te-am vazut pe server !
  3. CONTRA! am vazut demo-ul si se pare ca nu are wall !
  4. Nick:GAMETRACKER-VIP-BOY IP: Motiv: wall SteamID : VALVE_0:4:1919535032 Dovada:demo fre1.dem game.dem
  5. Nick:Mr. K.O IP: Motiv: wall SteamID : Dovada:demo player.dem mr1.dem
  6. Nick:dinx IP: Motiv: no.ss Steam :STEAM_0:0:2845390 Dovada:-
  7. Nick:MaNGeS>>||MINER IP: Motiv: no.ss Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1024281681 Dovada:-
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