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  1. salut. se poate da o rezolutie si in cazul asta? poate pana in weekend? Multumesc
  2. Dovada e postata de 6-7 ore. E in banlist-ul lui. 4 demo-uri. A dat link aici catre thread.
  3. From your notes I understand you're not romanian so I'll type in english. Once again there are no wall signs anywhere.. at least here are 4 demos. If you look closely you'll see that I frag depending on the sound. The last demo with Omega, where you say I frag him due to wallhack; well watch the demo again I only point the awp there after he shoots and kills an enemy. I play cs since 2002 and not once with a hack; and frankly I don'y know what you are thinking that it can be a script, hacking the video board or wallhack by pressing a button; but for me all these scenarios are SF.. I'm not trying to win a contest here, I don't play for money or for reputation, I just play for fun and hate it when someone is accusing me for using hacks. That's the only reason I lose time on forums when these things happens. We'll wait for other admins decision and if they unban me; I will only play demo-on like I'm used to. No demo on on this server, because after all the verification I thought everyone understood that I'm not hacking. Good day!
  4. Nick Tau : 3.puncte Admin care te-a banat: Exalted Motiv : Wall Dovada : https://imgur.com/a/QoGBraL STEAMID & IP : STEAM_0:0:108 Iar ban? Ce trebuie sa fac sa joc fara sa mai iau ban? O sa joc demo-on si va fac upload aici zilnic sa vedem unde e wall-ul ala....
  5. Asta e dovada ta? 30 sec de demo? macar ai stat pe mine cu sunet? Stiu ca parerea mea nu conteaza, dar nu ai nici macar o faza de wall in demo'ul ala. In fine.. las si alti admini sa isi dea cu parerea si cine are drept de decizie sa decida.
  6. Nick Tau : 3.puncte Admin care te-a banat: TOT_EU Motiv : Wall Dovada : STEAMID & IP : Salut Rog adminul care m'a banat sa ataseze demo'ul facut. In ultimile 3 zile am facut toate verificarile care se puteau face SS (de mai multe ori), test WG (de mai multe ori), verificare in PC cu teamviewer. Acum primesc ban pentru wall de la adminul care in urma cu o ora imi facuse poze si imi ceruse test wg. Ce trebuie sa fac sa fiu lasat sa joc linistit pe server? Invit un admin la mine acasa sa stea in spatele meu sa fiti siguri ca nu folosesc nimic.
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